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Technical Conference Committee Members

The session program of the Technical Conference is planned by the industry-leading experts as below.


Seiji Katayama
Professor Emeritus,
Osaka University

  • Takashi Ishide

    Fellow, Senior Chief Researcher,
    General Manager,
    Global Research & Innovation Center,

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

  • Masaru Kanaoka

    Chief Engineer,
    Industrial Automation Machinery
    Marketing Div.,
    Factory Automation Systems Group,

    Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

  • Hiroshi Sako

    Corporate Officer,
    Director of Research Lab.,

    Amada Holdings
    Co., Ltd.

  • Keiji Okino


    Omron Laserfront Inc.

  • Masayuki Goto

    Senior Executive Officer,
    Laser Div.,

    Trumpf Corp.

  • Kiyomi Monro


    Coherent Japan, Inc.

  • Satoshi Higaki

    Managing Director,

    Opto Science, Inc.

  • Kyoji Kokufuda


    Laser Net, Inc.

  • (In random order, honorifics omitted, as of Dec. 5, 2016)