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If you have questions regarding the conference, please check the following for your answers.

Q1What types of seminars are there at this expo?

A1We have Keynote Session, Special Keynote Session, Special Session, Technical Conference, The 9th Fulrath Memorial Symposium on Advanced Ceramics, Printed Electronics Forum, and Exhibitors' Product/Technology Seminar. Admission fees are either free or charged depending on the session.

Q2Where is the conference venue?

A2Venue details will be available around late Mar.

Seminars will be held in 4 different locations: Conference Tower, East Hall 2, 7, and 8 in Tokyo Big Sight.

Conference Tower: Keynote Session (FTJ-K, FOE-K, Laser-K)
Special Keynote Session (CBW-SK), Special Session (FTJ-S) Technical Conference (FTJ-1 – 10, FOE-1 – 10, Laser-1 – 7)
East Hall 7: Keynote Session (FILM-K, PLA-K, METAL-K, CERA-K, JOI-K)
East Hall 8: Technical Conference (FILM-1 – 5, PLA-1 – 5, METAL-1 – 5, JOI-1 – 5)
East Hall 2: Printed Electronics Forum

Note: Venues for “The 9th Fulrath Memorial Symposium on Advanced Ceramics” and “Exhibitors' Product/Technology Seminar” will be announced around late Mar.

Please make sure to confirm each seminar's venue location beforehand.

Free Sessions [Special Keynote Session (CBW-SK)/Keynote Session (JOI-K)]

Q1How can I apply?

A1Online registration is required for all sessions.
Register for Sessions

Q2Do I need to bring anything when I arrive at the session?

A2After completing the online registration, an E-ticket will be sent to the registered e-mail address. (1 E-ticket/session)
Please bring the E-ticket to the registration counter of the appropriate session.

Paid Sessions [Technical Conference/Keynote Sessions (excluding JOI-K)]

Q1How can I apply and how much is the admission fee?

A1You can apply for each session online.
Price for admission tickets are shown on the application form.

Apply for Sessions

Q2How can I pay for the booked sessions?

A2After completing the online application, you will receive "Conference Ticket Exchange Form" via e-mail.
Please kindly print out and bring it to the "Conference Ticket Counter" located on 6th floor of Conference Tower (in front of the World Clocks), or on East Hall 7. You can make the payment by cash (JPY only) or by credit card.
We will issue your conference ticket(s) once your payment has been received. We recommend you come a little earlier to avoid the last-minute rush.

Q3Is there a deadline for the application?

A3No deadline is set. However, seminar application will be closed when it reaches full capacity.
The sessions with 'Fully Booked' signs on the page are already closed.
If you are planning to attend a specific seminar, we suggest you apply as soon as possible.

Q4Can I cancel or change the session after I have applied?

A4Cancellation or change of sessions will not be accepted after your application. If the applicant will not be able to attend, please have other personnel attend the session instead.

Q5Can I purchase the ticket(s) on-site?

A5Yes. During the show, "Conference Ticket Counter" will be open in front of the World Clocks (6th floor, Conference Tower), and in front of the venue on East Hall 7 (Apr. 5-7).
Online application will be closed once the exhibition starts.
If the session reaches full capacity, we will not be selling walk-up tickets.

Q6Can we purchase the textbooks without attending the sessions?

A6Yes. The price for the textbook is the same as the price of the conference ticket.
We will give out the textbook only AFTER the session starts.
Textbooks of some sessions might not be available.

Q7What time does the registration for each session start?

A7Registration will be open 30 minutes before the session starts.
Please be aware that the starting time of registration might vary depending on the session.
(If you have issued conference ticket(s), please directly go to each venue.)

Q8Where/who should I contact regarding payment, receipt, or lost ticket(s)?

A8For any questions regarding Technical Conference, please contact us via e-mail.

  • For any enquiries, please contact.

    For Conference +81-3-3349-8568
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