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Following is the details of the international media partners related to the show.


Monthly Ceramics Inc. was established in 1988, and has been publishing monthly magazine of CERAMICS and CERAMIC ART. We have been rapidly growing in the field of the publication of separate volume and the planning of seminar, exhibition, contest etc. And also we have been recognized as a successful ceramic art publisher. CERAMIC KOREA is published once a month information magazine overall play up various news and article from original ceramics to high-tech ceramics Ceramic-pile, brick made in clay, glass, polishing, refractory, superconductor, thin film, fine ceramics, photo pile and others.

DIGITIMES is a unique information source for readers who need to know about the supply side of the semiconductor, electronics, computer and communications industries. Daily coverage of Taiwan's IT companies and news provide a lifeline to IT professionals, investment analysts and media worldwide. is a display industry professional media in China. It is focusing on the display industry market analysis and engineering technology at home and abroad, and committed to improving China display industry competitiveness. It provides a mass and professional platform for sharing real time industry information, market analysis and business services for the global industry professionals and enterprises. Over the years the site traffic, brand influence, customer satisfaction are all above the industry average. Website contents cover all aspects of the display industry and throughhout the entire industry chain as well as provide accurate insight of the market trends.

Echemi is a professional, high efficiency and convenient chemical one-stop transaction service platform.
As chemical B2B platform, Echemi is operated by Echem Incorporation Limited based in Hongkong, is dedicated to improve the current International chemical transaction situation from 5 aspects.
1. Break the information asymmetry.
2. Increase transaction efficiency.
3. Reduce transaction risk and provide Financial services.
4. Provide transaction services.
5. Information consultant.
Echemi can provide professional chemical consultant, and price trend to help your deals.Since 2015, Echemi has attracted 40,000 registered users, online products reaches to 2,000 kinds, exported to more than 100 countries.

Extrusion magazines issued since 1995 are distributed worldwide exclusively for the sectors: plastics extrusion, recycling, thermoforming, extrusion blow molding, material handling, calendering, compounding, welding, finishing of plastics and elastomers. The publication is issued in German, English, Chinese and Russian. All the magazines are available online on The website also collects and publishes news, articles, case studies, and videos on extrusion topic from around the world.

We are the professional content transmitting and marketing platform in China‘s industrial field, and have ploughed deeply in the plastic and chemical industry for 18 years. Covering WeChat, Baidu, portals, trade magazines, professional summits, domestic and overseas industrial exhibitions Take the lead in putting forward the concept of Panoramic Marketing for the industrial brands, and deepen the real-time O2O2O brand strategy. Covering the fields of plastics, new materials, mechanical equipment, precision instruments, detection equipment, wires and cables, etc.

South Korea's sole news media that specializes in steel and nonferrous metals The Korea Metal Journal, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of its launch in 2014, is publishing KMJNEWS, an Internet newspaper that provdes on-line news about steel and nonferrosu metals in addition to the magazines, Steel Market and Metal World that specialize in steel and nonferrous metals. respectively. It is also operateing Engllsh Internet site, KOREA METAL JOURNAL. is a leading semiconductor lighting professional media in China. It is focusing on the LED industry market analysis and engineering technology at home and abroad and providing massive, professional, au-thoritative and timely industry information, market analysis and technical exchange business service platform for industry insiders, Over the years the site traffic,brand influence,customer satisfaction are all above the industry average, and is steadily rising. Website contents cover all aspects of the LED industry and throughhout the entire industry chain as well as provide accurate insight of the market trends.

Materialsnet website and Industrial Materials Magazine, sponsored by ITRI of Taiwan which is a non-profit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical service, are uniquely professional materials platform and focus on the advanced Display and Optoelectronic materials technologies. It maximizes readers and exhibitor's need.

Plastics News
Plastics News and its sister publications together comprise the world’s largest plastics publishing organization, the Crain Global Polymer Group, which includes the following brands — Plastics News, Plastics News China, Plastics News Europe, Rubber & Plastics News, European Rubber Journal, Urethanes Technology International, and Tire Business, as well as four print publications, multiple websites, more than a dozen enewsletters, multiple conferences, and industry award programs.

Plastics Science
Plastics have been used as a core material for electrical & electronic equipment, communication equipment, automotive and shipbuilding industry which are major industries in modern times. Monthly "Plastics science" offers information and technology of plastic-related industries such as plastics as new materials, environment and plastics, plastic processing technology, and plastic molding machines and products. "Monthly plastics science" launched 30 years ago is a Korean first comprehensive plastic magazine for the international competitiveness and development of the plastics industry.

Smart & Company Ltd.
Automotive Eletronics Magazine(AEM) is an advanced technology magazine for developers and technical managers of electric & electronics systems in both automotive and commercial vehicles. Each bi-monthly contains reports in the form of specialized articles, interview and brief contributions on products, systems, trends and the latest developments in automotive electronics.
AEM is distributed to key members of major car makers, R&D facilities, and car electronics suppliers, including corporate decision-makers, design/development engineers, integrated system engineers, engineering managers, engineering service/R&D engineers, and application engineers.

Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association
It has been almost sixty years since Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA) was founded in 1948. In accordance with the spirit of “Excellence in Innovation and Service Comes First”, all the staffs of TEEMA provide to the member manufacturers diversified and thoughtful services to meet their needs in the industrial, technological, trade, legal, training, international and Mainland China events. In addition to being commended by the clients for our endeavors, TEEMA is the first industrial organization that was certified with ISO9001:2000.

Taiwan Light Metals Association
The main purpose of The Taiwan Light Metals Association is promoting the development of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other light metals industries as well as facilitates upgrading of the related technologies.

Taiwan Machinery Monthly
First published in 1965 by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Taiwan Machinery Monthly has the longest publishing history in Taiwan’s machinery field. Its readership includes members of TAMI, manufacturers of machines and machine tools in various industries (Metal & metal forming machinery, plastics & rubber machinery, precision parts & components, textile machinery, food & food packaging machinery and wood & woodworking machinery). TAMI’s members cover over 60 types of manufacturing machinery equipment and over 1,000 different products. The Taiwan Machinery Monthly circulation comes to 3,500~5,000 copies per month.

TecnA Plastics & Rubber
International Magazine for the global Plastics & Rubber Industry., a professional portal in new materials industry of China, delivers real-time report of the new generation of high-end structural materials, functional materials, high-performance composite materials and cutting-edge new materials. OFweek New Materials is committed to the dissemination of new materials industry cutting-edge news and scientific research results, the analysis of industry development status and market trends. OFweek New Materials provides accurate data information service for the whole life cycle of new materials, and is an excellent service platform for the cooperation, communication and brand promotion of upstream and downstream enterprises in the new materials industry.

(In alphabetical order, as of Dec. 3, 2021)


Numerous media from Japan take part in the show as media partners.

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